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Facts on vehicle repair and your insurance company......

You are not required by law to get more than one estimate.

You may use the shop of your choice to make the repairs. 
 You are not required to use a shop selected by a claims adjuster.

Only you, the owner, can authorize repairs on your vehicle.

Repair estimates will vary in totals.   A lower estimate may not be the best estimate.  It's your vehicle, make sure it's repaired to your satisfaction!

Our shop is ready to assist you in any of your needs.  We will work with you to minimize your inconvenience and maximize your satisfaction.

Finish Care Guidelines

For the first 30 days after painting:

Hand wash the vehicle often, using fresh water only.

Avoid parking under trees-sap and bird droppings may damage the finish. (Rinse them off as soon as possible.)

For the first 120 days after painting:

To remove heavy soil, use mild liquid soap-no detergent.

Do not wax your car within 120 days after painting.

For long term paint protection:

Park in a sheltered area whenever possible.

Never use a scraper to remove ice or snow from painted surfaces.

Never let gasoline or antifreeze stand on painted surfaces. ( rinse off with water ASAP)

Never wash your vehicle in the hot sun.

Never wipe the finish with a dry cloth-always use water.

Avoid abrasive cleaners, chemicals, or brushes (automatic car wash brushes can scratch the finish)

Have any paint nicks touched up as soon as possible, to protect against rust.